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A software that manages softwood and hardwood inventory.

The software makes it easy to follow the costs of each step of the wood transformation. It is simple, powerful, and profitable software that manages your inventory. You always know the value of your inventory at any time.

If you take a moment and try our demo, you will understand that Logibois/GényBois will be an investment that is well worth it. Your enterprise will be more profitable.

  • Return in investment obtained the first year
  • A follow-up on the costs of transformations of your product(packages)
  • The exact cost of your products(packages)
  • Manage bundles tally's and or tags
  • A history of your products(packages)

Click here to download the free trial version of Logibois/GényBois


Here are ours modules for Logibois/GényBois.

Base Inventory
Basic Reports
1) Regrouping & Re-grading
2) Stickering/ Unstickering w/out pay
3) Kiln Drying
4) Tallying
5) Delivery
6) Transformation
7) Supplier invoices
8) Supplier Order
9) Customer Order
10) Customer Billing
11) Heat Treatment (high Temp)
12) Stickering/Unstickering with pay
13) Transport Dispatch
14) Merchandise Return (Purchased and Sold)

Security / Password
Salesman / Accessibility
System Configuration

Base Inventory

  • Customers/Payment Terms
  • Suppliers/Payment Terms
  • Transporters
  • Yards / Warehouses
  • Delivery locations
  • Status (ex.: green, dry, etc…)
  • Item Codes / specie / Dimension / Quality / Length / Width / Other
    Taxes / Taxes Management / Default Taxes / Taxes Module
  • Measuring Charts / Report
  • Creation / Lot Modification (Purchasing Reception)
  • Bundle Displacement
  • Status Change
  • Deletion of Loads
  • Creation / Delivery Modification (Delivery Slip)
  • Reports, Lists and Basic Search
  • Physical Inventory / Bundle Correction /
  • Export Inventory to EXCEL Format
  • Complete History of a Bundle
  • Item Code Modification / with Report


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