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Software Design

Gény Informatique Inc. has conceived software for more then 20 years. We build our software with the client's specifications.

Systems Analyst

We will analyse the different processes it takes from the start to the end. We will then tailor a solutions to the client's needs.


Our programmers code with programming languages the various phases of the development of the system. They develop and improves the systems and the applications. We program in various language such as C++, Java and many others.

Software Implementation

We do the implementation of our software at the clients after we made sure that we have tested the software thoroughly so that all the bugs or problems that are found, are eliminated. We offer several times per year some updates that are downloadable to improve our softwares and assure the performance stays the same. We also have a build in system that tracks the bugs that occurs in the software. The system sends the errors reports to our technicien so that can't correct it rapidly. That is why the system is always at his best.

Training of our software

Thanks to our advanced graphical interfaces and a simplified management, it is very easy to use the user interface in all our softwares. Thanks to the images of the products, with integrated colors, a unique concept and an user interface with clear instuctions, the users can use them quickly. To make the trainning easier, we offer documentation for all our softwares. Our trainners will guide you through the steps of system.

Multi-platform system

Our programs are programmed using Java and we also use MySQL Server for our databases. Thanks to the those advance technologies, our systems can work in multiple different enviroments like Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Old systems Basic BBx (Business Basic) or T/OS (Thoroughbred Operating system)

We can give you programming service on the old systems that were programmed in Basic orT/OS. Many companies still use those system in Linux or Unix and applications that work in those programming languages.

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